Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways that you can get involved with CHANGE, Inc. We are always in search of volunteers to help us introduce entrepreneurship and small business development to communities across Arkansas. If you would like to be involved, read over the following volunteer opportunities and contact us when you are ready to get started.

Business Start up Workshops 

Our three business start up guides Executive Grind, Boss Grind and Master Grind along with our extensive list of  business start up topics are designed to help entrepreneurs have a better understanding of the small business development process. We need volunteers to plan workshops and present the information in these guides to the people that attend. If you decide to organize a workshop we will help you find a location in your area to host the event and provide you with the materials you need, flyers and promotional items and light refreshments for the participants.

We will arrange an orientation to go over the information you will be presenting and give you a few tips and additional activities you can use to help make sure the workshop is beneficial and to ensure those who attend have a clear understanding of the information being presented to them.

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Entrepreneur Summer Camps 

CHANGE, Inc offers a list of activities for youth ages K-12 that can be used to organize a summer entrepreneur camp. We need volunteers to help us implement these camps in the different counties across Arkansas. In order to organize the camp and its activities it will take a team of 3-5 adults.  Each volunteer for the summer camp will go through a 2 day orientation to help you prepare to host the camp and all of the activities that the youth will take part in.

We will supply all of the materials you need for each activity, the flyers and promotional items, light refreshments and arrange a closing ceremony dinner for the parents of all of the students who attend the camp.

entrepreneur camp

If you are interested in volunteering with CHANGE, Inc. contact us today and let us know which opportunity you would like to help us with.  As we grow we will need more help; so be on the look out for more volunteer opportunities in the future. Thanks for your support!! Send an Email To Request Volunteer Sign Up Form