Executive Grind

The Change Inc Executive Grind Collection will prepare you to do the following:

  • Work and think like a business executive
  • Design the business model  for the operations of your new business
  • Create a  clear message to describe your product/service
  • Secure funding
  • Marketing research/analysis/strategy
  • Determine the staff you need and job descriptions  

The Exec Grind is the first phase of the business start up process. This collection of information will help you organize all of the steps you need to get your new business started.  Each section of the business plan is included in this collection with details to help you organize all of the information  that needs to be in each section.

The business plan is the most important step to becoming a successful small business owner. It helps you layout all of your business details; and is the perfect guide to use during your startup process. There is also research that must be done to help give you a better understanding of the business market that you are going into.

This guide is designed in  google document slides format to make the information easy to understand. You can also download the PDF Print format so you can take notes and highlight key points that you may need to focus on.

This collection of information has been reasonably priced at only $10.00 and all of the funds  will be used to help local community centers across Arkansas host entrepreneur workshops, conferences and summer camps for the youth and enable Change, Inc. to take small groups of entrepreneurs to different local and regional business development events.

As an added bonus you will receive 2 free gifts as a token of our appreciation for allowing us to help you start your business.

Email CHANGE, Inc.  and use “Sign Up” as the subject to get started  Thanks For Your Support- Ms. Sonya Lane & Antwuane Wilbourn, Founders of  CHANGE, Inc.