Sade Curry, Credit Repair Services


Sade (2)

Sade is a credit agent/entrepreneur, after realizing her credit was damaged and facing a lot of bills from her divorce; she wanted to file for bankruptcy. Sade found out about credit repair services and decided to use that to get herself out of debt. Her experience with being in debt made her want to help others in the community who  were also trying to figure out how to repair their credit; so she became a credit repair agent.

The company she works through is Financial Education Services, and they are ranked A+ with the BBB and have a 90% success rate. They have been in business since 2004 and they work along the lines of Financial Literacy.

Sade offers 13 different services and her highlighted service is the credit restoration program; which gives her clients results within the first 45 days. Sade can also help you reestablish your credit.

Contact Info: Sade Curry/bettercredit


Packages Includes

  • Credit Restoration        
  • FES Debt Zero
  • MyCare Plan                
  • Credit Builder
  • Lifelock                       
  • Discount Shopping
  • Credit Attorney           
  •  Financial Lockbox
  • YFL Family Mint          
  • Smart Credit
  • Life Insurance*             
  • RX Discount Card



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