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Nobody does, “Grassroots Hip-Hop” like Mannie-Gee (A.K.A. Manuel Lee Young, Jr.; Immanuel Imhotep Bey) of Mannie-Gee Productions located in Pine Bluff, AR. Mr. Young has worked with various Independent Hip-Hop Artist such as 9th Scientist of Little Rock, AR (Khemenu: A time Began Anu; Tru Kingz of Boom; Neb King Cold), Infinito 2017 of Chicago, IL by way of Memphis, TN (Joe Left Hand Records; Culture Power 45), as well as Pine Bluff’s very own Revolutionary Hip-Hop group, MCE (Sol Musik).

He has steadily grown his production platform into a  multifaceted business model that includes Consultation and Music Engineering services for all clients looking for that, “Organic, Home-Grown, Real Boom-Bap” styling with an Original Southern touch. From Beats to Creative Directive Advice for clients, MGP is a business well worth the investment.

Hailing from Lagrange, AR, Manuel’s lover for Hip-Hop, Art, and Music in general comes from his early childhood exposure of all three categories by way of his Grandmother (via a small Casio keyboard that was bought for him), and very colorful characters that he ran across during this time.

All of these exposing moments yielded a rich appreciation for Old School Hip-Hop, as well as additional influences from Artist such as Prince, Public Enemy, P.M. Dawn; and even the rich history of the Mid-Delta’s Blues, Rock N’ Roll, Country, Hip-Hop/Rap, and Gospel scene. Growing into into his teen-age years in High School eventually introduced him to music production in the form of FL Studio, a well-known Digital Audio Workstation that allowed for his musical inspirations to slowly emerge into reality.

During his years attending at and graduating from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Mr. Young’s formation of MGP simply began as a notion as a Hobbyist Beat-Maker to Full-Fledged Independent Hip-Hop Music Producer, Artist, and Entrepreneur by being thoroughly exposed to UAPB’s then Collegiate Music Scene. In later years, Manuel was further introduced into Pine Bluff’s and Little Rock’s Underground Independent Music environment as well; which heavily enriched his vision for what he wanted Hip-Hop music and the culture to sound and represent like via his OWN platform.

The accumulation of the events and experiences mentioned above led to the summary of MGP’s sound akin to Australian Aborigines ability to create Traditional but totally Original forms of Art via, “Boom-Bap” production techniques with “Home-Grown” Arkansan Musical sensibilities.

The love for the culture and music of Hip-Hop can be seen and expressed through his mindfulness towards Good Standard Operating Practices in direct comparison to his consistent drive on becoming a better Entrepreneur with each passing day. With emphasis on promoting a, “One-On-One” engagement culture with his business practices via Customer Service, Mr. Young’s motive for Mannie-Gee Productions is to provide Excellent Good & Services at reasonable but competitive prices with a warm and authentic slogan that’s reflective of his slogan, “One Beat At A Time”.

MGP provides Goods such as Self-Produced EP’s, Full Lengh Albums, and various Beat-Tape Compilations; as well as Exclusive/Non-exclusive Compositions via On-Line and/or Off-Line archives and Custom-Made request. Also, it has a wide range of Services that are specifically designed for the Independent Hip-Hop Artist which includes:

“On-The Go” Recording

MGP’s Beat Package Specials

Mixing and Enginneering

Master of Ceremonies

Project Management

General Consulting

Online Marketing

Vinyl Archiving & Restoration

For any additional information on MGP’s Good & Services, or to hire him for Contract work, please contact him at the following:

PHONE #: (501) 295-3655



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