Trust Your Hustle


The moment you realize that you are destined to be an entrepreneur you have to learn to trust your natural instincts. I like to refer to that as your HUSTLE!! On the journey to becoming a business owner you will come across all types of people. Some will encourage you; but most will call you crazy for doing something that they only dream of.  Its when you meet those people that you have to “Trust Your Hustle” and continue to believe that you will accomplish your goal in spite of what they say.

Entrepreneurship is by no means an easy process, because it requires you to step outside of the box and travel on a different path from everyone else. The feeling of going into unknown territory and not knowing the outcome is the thrill of entrepreneurship, and the reward… now that’s the best part.  The reward is having the opportunity to develop your business and watch people embrace your idea and become loyal supporters.

I encourage you to stay strong and “TRUST YOUR HUSTLE” it will help you overcome any obstacles you encounter so that  you can achieve your goal of becoming a successful business owner.

Ms. S. Lane, CHANGE, Inc.




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