Arkansas Entrepreneur Network Releases Small Biz Start Up Collections

Since 2005 CHANGE, Inc. has been providing communities across Arkansas entrepreneur awareness information. This non-profit organization used social media to keep their followers updated on all of the benefits of becoming a small business owner.  In 2010 the founders of this organization began researching the small business start-up market in Arkansas to find out how many new businesses were actually being started and surviving those critical first five start-up years.

After analyzing the data from their research it was clear that more needed to be done to help develop new business owners in Arkansas and to make sure those business had a solid foundation.

Ms. Sonya Lane reached out to the top business developers in the Nation to help get the information needed to boost small biz start-up in Arkansas. After receiving valuable tips, advice and business development documents; she started working on 3 business start-up collections designed specifically for the 75 counties in the state of Arkansas. Executive Grind, Boss Grind and Master Grind.  These 3 collections gives an aspiring entrepreneur everything needed to start, grow and expand a new business idea.

These collections are designed in  google document slides to make the information easy to understand and apply to any type of business design, and the slides can easily be downloaded into different formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word and Publisher.

Each collection has been reasonably priced at only $10.00 and all of the proceeds from the collections will be used to help local community centers across Arkansas host entrepreneur workshops, conferences and summer camps for the youth in Arkansas.

Everyone that purchases a collection will  automatically become a member of the CHANGE, Inc. network and will have access to these exclusive business start-up collections. Subscriber’s  will also get updates about different entrepreneur workshops and conferences that are held in Arkansas each year.  As an added bonus each new member of the CHANGE network will receive 2 free gifts as a token of our appreciation for allowing us to help you start your business.

Arkansas Entrepreneurs send an email to CHANGE, Inc. and put “Sign Up” as the subject when you are ready to get started and a representative from the CHANGE, Inc. Network will contact you to help you get started.







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