Royal King Promotions

Jason B. King is a 30 year old father of 2 (Aaliyzah Joy and Chloe Kamyra) from Jonesboro, AR.  and an  AMAZING photographer. He had a passion for photography in his early childhood days with his disposable camera. In Junior High and High School  he developed skills for advertising and media; along with creating T Shirts, Business Cards and Flyer designs. When Jason started college he majored in Advertising and Media, but with a new baby on the way he went into the job field full time.




Between the ages of 20-25  He obtained skills as a music artist, dj, promoter and television media; and in Houston, TX. he learned about marketing. On April 18, 2014 God spoke toson and told him that the only person hindering him from starting a business was himself. In the midst of being almost homeless he stepped out on faith and took every dime he had and invested in his equipment and started ROYAL KING PROMOTIONS.


The vision of Royal King Promotions is to “enhance your dreams into ROYALTY, not just reality” through promotion, photography, design and networking. Jason prides himself on instilling confidence in everyone he meets to be great in all that they do. He shares his testimony  to help them realize that no one will understand your purpose but you and instead of seeking validation from others you should focus on what God has destined for you.


To book Royal King Promotions for your next event/photo shoot session contact Jason at

870-219-5729 Business page :

Instagram: @royalkingpromotions

Facebook : Jason King (Royal King Promotions)







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  1. Amazed with every photo I see from Royal King Promotions. It is as if Jason captures the inner beauty as well as the outer in photos time and time again. Keep following your calling!

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